Open Box Information

When you make a crystal claim if via our live sale or via the website, you have the option to select open box. 

You probably have heard me mention it once or twice if you have attended one of our live sales on our Instagram page.

Well let’s explain.

We have crystal sales every week. If you know you are likely to buy more crystals, then I would highly suggest the open box option.

Crystals are claimed and paid for on a pay as you go basis. Add OPENBOX to the discount code when checking out. This will not add postage to your basket. 

Once your basket is paid for, we will not ship it out to you. Instead we will keep the basket safe for you add more crystal claims. 

An open box is a environmental concept designed mainly for a few things. 

1 ... to cut down on packaging items used. Instead of multiple boxes, you will just get one box.

2 ... less multiple postage costs for you. Instead of postage being charged on every basket of claims, they are combined together.

3 ... less fuel costs. Meaning less journeys to the post office for SSC and less deliveries for your post man. This won’t cure global warming problems, but if we can do our bit to help then why not. 

Once you have decided to close your crystal box, we will weigh the box of claims to see what the post costs will be. Simple.

If you are still confused then send us a message on the contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.