About SSC

Hello and welcome to Silver Sky Crystals or SSC for short.

We are so happy you have decided to pop by our little shop. It means the world to us, honestly it really does.

We thought we'd share a few a get to know us facts.

Who is Silver Sky Crystals I hear you ask? Well my name is Angela, the voice behind the camera on the live shows. I handle all aspects of SSC, but I do have some help in the form of my mum who attends face to face events with me. She is the human calculator. The hubby is also on hand sometimes for post office runs.

I always say ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ when talking about SSC, as I see Silver Sky as an actual being - not just a name.

We are what we like to call 'an at home crystal shop' based at the end of the District Line in far far East London or basically in Essex. Our shop is home based, so we are not open to the public.

Silver Sky Crystals was born December 21st 2020. It began from a love for crystals as a child. Collecting shells and rocks from various beaches. A few crystals chips and a crystal here and there. But never realising the full potential behind these pretty 'rocks'.

It wasn't until lockdown 2020, that I decided to dust off my tumble stones (they were in a box) and bring joy and purpose into my life. I'd struggled with feeling of doubt and dark thoughts. Crystals brought in a sense of well being, escapism and me time.

I started adding to my collection more and more, by meeting a wonderful online community of like minded people. And I felt like I belonged.

Dabbling and buying some crystals here and there to sell, we then in December 2020 took the plunge (with a push from the hubby) to open Silver Sky Crystals on instagram.

I started to collect stock for a live table sale. Doing a few private sales, then in March/April of 2021 we had our first live table sale. Just me and Silver Sky.

We have pretty much done them weekly since then.

Locally, we do try to be very active by attending fayres. We love dealing with our customers face to face too. You can find event details in the tool bar above where there is a Events Diary.

Making people happy makes us feel like we have a purpose in life. Connecting people with crystals and mother nature really does have an affect on you. Crystals are truly magical.

Instagram is where we are always active, showing stock. However we know not everyone has Instagram, so we are on Facebook too. But if you’re not on any of those platforms, we can always be sent a message via our contact page. We are here for you... always.

xox ssc

It is very true that when someone buys from a small business, the owner does a happy dance.