Here are the answers to just some frequently asked questions we get. If you cannot see the FAQ you are looking for, then at the bottom there is a link to ask us any questions.

Are the crystals you sell real?

Yes 1,000,000%. We sell no replica pieces or fake crystals at all. The only man-made crystals we occasionally stock is Opalite and Sandstone... but this is because we’re asked to supply them.

Where do you get your crystals from?

We buy our stock from trusted wholesalers, we have used time and time again. Our crystals come from all over the world. South America, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and China. We never buy from cheap internet websites (naming no names obviously).

Are the crystals ethically sourced?

Yes. In the entire time I have been purchasing crystals for SSC, I have never come across any unethical practises. We would never knowingly purchase crystals from someone who uses children for labour.

Can I collect my crystals if I am local?

Yes of indeed. Every little bit helps right? We are based in RM12, Essex. If you fancy a drive to collect your items, then all we ask is to let us know your intentions. If you are local, at check out pop in the discount code ‘LOCAL’ and you will not be charged shipping costs. 

Imperfect Corner - what is it?

Sadly sometimes crystals either have an imperfection or become damaged, during shipping to us from overseas. Or we simply have an accident. It happens.

Who says these crystals cannot find their forever homes? Imperfect corner is where you find all crystal classed as 'imperfect'. Any damage is photographed and explained in detail on the individual posts. They are discounted crystals, so you'll be grabbing a bargain. These crystal purchases, CANNOT be classed as damaged on arrival.

Do you allow refunds?

No, not unless your item arrived damaged. You cannot return a crystal simply, because it does not spark joy anymore once it arrives. They are sold as seen.

During our instagram live sales, crystals are shown in detail. On our website, crystals are photographed in detail also. If you want more photographs before buying, we can send you them. Don't be afraid to ask.

My crystal arrived damaged ... what next?

If your crystal arrived damaged, you have 7 days from the date of delivery to let us know. We will require proof of damage, via photo emailed to us at silverskycrystals@gmail.com.

If it is agreed the crystal is damaged, the next step is to return the crystal to us in the box we sent it to you in. We'll give you the details of where to send it.

Do we ship internationally?

Yes, however postage costs are calculated by weight and location of the destination. You would need to contact us to find out these fees.

If you didn’t find an answer you were looking for, then send us us a quick email here