Ethics & Sustainability

Ethics and sustainability are two points that are really important to us.


When it comes to sustainability we are trying our upmost to do our bit. If we all make little changes we can make a big change.

We currently use brown boxes to post our crystals to their new homes. These are easier to recycle than jiffy envelopes due to the plastic inside.

We do use bubble to wrap and protect your crystals, but believe it or not... this is all recycled bubble wrap which we are sent from our suppliers.

Instead of just adding it to land fill we reuse it. If we have too much of it laying around, we then donate it to charity shops. We’ve never had to purchase bubble wrap for the shop, as we always reuse what we are sent. 

We do use sellotape, however we try to use as little as possible. Soon we are hoping to move over to a paper based tape when sealing your crystal boxes.

The packaging used is recycled card board that is shredded. It might not look too glamorous, but it does the job to make sure your crystals are safe.




When we purchase crystals for our shop, we do NOT buy from dodge websites. We purchase directly from the source.

We select EACH crystal ONE by ONE (with the exception of tumble stones obviously, as there are so many). It is a long process that can take many hours, but we do this to provide the best for our customers.

The wholesalers and businesses we use, do NOT use child labour. We do not support this in any shape or form.