How To Look After Your Crystals


All crystals we sell here at Silver Sky Crystals are already cleansed. However you may wish to cleanse them when you get them home. Some people do this as a ritual.

There are a few things you can and cannot do with crystals. Some crystals can be fragile and some are really tough. Don’t treat all crystals the same. For example; quartz is fine to be bathed in water, whereas calcite crystals can melt.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, here is a list of some ways to do so.

Water - bathe your water safe crystals in water. Submerge in a bowl or take it to the sea or a river and have the water gently cleanse your crystal.

Scent - this is where you can use your sage bundles or incense sticks. The smoke from the embers will cleanse and purify the crystals. Plus it will also make your home smell lovely.

Sound - you can use music and sound to cleanse your crystals. Bells or a singing bowl can be used. Nature sounds such as birds, a running stream or the ocean waves for example are all great ways to cleanse with sound.

Light - there two main ways to use light - sun light and moon light. When there is a full moon you can place your crystals directly in the moon light to charge them with the moons energy. Sun light can also be used in the same way, but be careful leaving crystals that are sun light sensitive in the sun for prolonged periods of time. 

Other crystals - selenite is cleanser and charger of crystals. This is why you see selenite bowls, plates and wands.

Sea Salt - place your crystals on a bed of sea salt and this will draw out any impurities.


Children and Pets

Please remember to supervise young children around crystals. Especially small babies. While most crystals are safe, there are some when mishandled could be dangerous.

There is the choking hazard side, plus crystals contain minerals which some can be harmful when ingested.

Please keep them out of reach from small hands and our furry companions.

xox ssc