Instagram Live Sale Info

Silver Sky crystals live sale

Every week we hold a live sale on our Instagram page @silverskycrystals.

It's a place where you get to see all our crystals we have up for adoption. There are some pieces that are not on the website, so this is a great place to see everything.

The SSC lives are a friendly community of like minded people, we chit chat and have a laugh. It’s like being amongst friends - it really is.

If you have never been to one of our live sales, then how do the sales work?

All crystals on the table have a sticker on them. Usually letters followed by numbers or vice verses.  For example 20CQ or MO50.

The number is the price of the crystal in GBP/£. 

I go round the table showing crystals piece by piece. I show the crystal slowly, so everyone viewing has a chance to see the crystal. I will then show the price/code. If someone wishes to adopt and claim a crystal they love, then in the comments they must write the price/code… ‘CLAIM DA45’. For example.

The first claim comment I see in my comments is the first person that reserves the crystal. Claims come through differently on every phone screen ( please remember that). Also if you ask to see a certain crystal it does not give you claim rights. It has to be fair.

Once the live show is over, I will add a listing with your Instagram name as the title. You can add your own basket to cart and then pop in extras if that’s something you wish to do. Local collection is available if you live close to RM12 post code.

Lives are held every Tuesday at 8pm - however they are subject to change. You can always see our instagram stories for updates.