Build a Gift

Sometimes it can be so difficult finding the perfect gift. Christmas, Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries .... moving in gift. You name it.

This is where we at Silver Sky Crystals is here to help.

In confidence you can speak to us. Tell us... favourite colours, crystals and give us your budget. We will make it work.

  • We’ll make selenite bowls with hand selected crystals.
  • We’ll put together beginners crystal sets of tumble stones. 
  • We can make a gift wrapped hamper of a tower and sphere set.
  • Need a colourful chakra set? We’ll help create one. 
  • Wanting a incense sticks and dust board crystal cleansing set.

There are so many options and we are more than willing to help and carry out your wishes.

Let’s have a chat and work out what you’d like and we can from there.