What Crystals Should I Buy?

I get lots of questions regarding crystals and what to get for certain issues. To be honest there is no right or wrong with crystals.

I could list of tonnes of recommendations, but sometimes the true answer to that question is - ‘It’s what the heart wants’.

From personal experience I tend to get crystals, that make my heart flutter. The ones I can’t stop thinking about. The ones I just keeping staring at until I’m practically burning a hole in it.

Like I said there is no right or wrong with crystals.

Most crystals are assigned to Chakras. These are various focal points used in a variety of ancient mediations. There are seven different chakra locations.  


You can get yourself crystals for certain areas you would like support with.

Crown - these crystals are clear, white and purple in colour. Many crystals associated with this chakra are amethyst, clear quartz, lepidolite, rainbow moonstone and howlite. Calming and gentle crystals, excellent for insomnia, anxiety and needing help with depression.

Third Eye -  crystals for the third eye take on a dark blue indigo colour. Crystals for example like sodalite, lapis lazuli, sapphire. These can be very good from removing negativity and stress from your hectic life.

Throat - light blue turquoise coloured crystals are associated with the throat chakra. Crystals you are looking for are blue lace agate, angelite, turquoise, Amazonite, blue tigers eye. These crystals help with speaking your truth and communication.

Heart - pink and green coloured crystals are connected to the heart chakra. You’ll need crystals like rose quartz, rhodonite, kunzite, strawberry quartz, malachite and green aventurine. Loving, warmth, self love and compassionate crystals.

Solar Plexus - golden yellow crystals are linked to the solar plexus. They promote courage, creativity, self esteem. Crystals to look out for are citrine, lemon calcite, amber and pyrite.

Sacral - the colour orange is the colour to get if you need a crystal for your sacral chakra. Peach moon stone, peach aventurine, orange calcite, amber or orange carnelian. Crystals for the location of this chakra can help with fertility concerns.

Root - the closest chakra to the earth, the root chakra is very grounding and protective. Crystals associated with the root or base, as it can be known as are dark red, black and brown in colour. Crystals to look out for are smokey quartz, obsidian, haematite, red jasper, red carnelian and tourmaline.

These are just some of the many many crystals that are out there. Crystals have been around for thousands of years and they are yet to loose their charm. If they were good enough for the Egyptians then they are good enough for us in the here and now.


Seven chakras

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