Time to say goodbye

When people first catch a glimpse of our stall, often the first question that pops out of their mouth is “are these real crystals?”

My answer always is “yes but….” And then I explain the rehearsed speech regarding Opalite and Goldstone/Sandstone.

I hate the ‘but’ part.

If you know me I’m honest and truthful and just have to explain it from the get go. I want my customers to appreciate my honesty. Relationships are built on trust.

I often hear customers chatting amongst themselves saying “ooooo that’s Opal my birth stone”. I can’t stand there letting them think that. So then I jump on them explaining, it’s not and that it’s Opalite man made glass ya-de-da blah blah blah.

As well as bringing you crystals to buy, I aim to educate too.

This being said, after careful consideration we have taken the decision to discontinue selling artificial crystals like Opalite and the blue and orange Sandstone/Goldstone crystals.

Even though these crystals, especially Opalite are very popular amongst our customers we want to be as authentic possible. And by removing these two crystals we will be.

This will also hopefully end the confusion people have with opalite being opal or moonstone 🤞

We hope you understand our decision. There are items still available to buy, but once they are gone they are gone for good.

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