Raffle Ticket (Numbers 1 to 15)

Raffle Ticket (Numbers 1 to 15)

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Pink Amethyst  Free Form Raffle

Who would like to be in with a chance to grab this stunning babe?


To coincide with us hitting 2,000 followers this week … we have decided to raffle off this amazing piece. It has been on my mind for quite some time to offer this beautiful piece of Pink Amethyst, as a raffle prize. And we hit 2,000 amazing followers at a similar time, so I thought why not!


This amazing free form is worth £250. She is 1.26kgs and has a slight flame vibe with her shaping. There is tonnes of sparkly gorgeous open druzy which glistens and twinkles. Sections of clear quartz which contains rainbows and hues of red, pink, peach and lavender purple.


A part of the purple amethyst family, pink amethyst gets delicate hue from the small amounts of added iron / hematite / haematite which turns it pink.


Resonating with the heart chakra, she provides love, a sense of calmness, peace and joy.


Tickets will be £8 each and there are 30 tickets available. Each ticket is in form of a digital e-ticket, so no postage costs will be necessary.


When buying your ticket please enter your email at checkout, as I may have to email you if you are the winner.


When all the numbers are claimed I will do a video of the draw.


Please invite, share, tag any crystal lovers or especially Pink Amethyst lovers. This is an amazing opportunity to grab a stunning piece of Mother Earth. This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Good luck to everyone who grabs a ticket. This is for UK residents only due to shipping costs which I’ll be covering.